Can i have yahoo&sbc email at the same time?

Answer A single-user can create multiple SBC and Yahoo email accounts, as they are registered through different domains. An email address is associated with AT&T's DSL Internet service. Yaho... Read More »

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How do I address email to multiple people at the same time?

'To'Type all the Email addresses you need to send the Email to in the "To" line. Separate each address with a comma or semicolon.'CC'Type one Email address (may be primary recipient) in the "To" li... Read More »

Do they have clinics where you can see a gynecologist and a proctologist at the same time, in the same room?

I've seen that in a porn. They even had a throat specialist! But I don't think they were real doctors.

My broker failed to canel my policy new primary in effect same Co Will not refund me Can I have two primary at the same time?

Depends on the rules and the policy provisions. Do you have proof you asked the broker to cancel the policy?

In imovie I have many clips all individual could I put the same video effect on them at the same time - Imovie?

I don't think so.If ALL the editing is done, then export or Shared the project out as a low compression, high qualty, video sequence. Then import that exported file... it will no be one single long... Read More »