Can i have yahoo&sbc email at the same time?

Answer A single-user can create multiple SBC and Yahoo email accounts, as they are registered through different domains. An email address is associated with AT&T's DSL Internet service. Yaho... Read More »

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Email is great for communicating with people near and far, but it often tends to eat up more and more of your time. Many people would rather spend less time on email so they could spend more time o... Read More »

When was the last time you sent an email to the person sitting beside you?

Last year i worked for a company where nobody spoke, they all just emailed each other. Either they were very unsociable or there was such a blame culture that they felt the need to protect themsel... Read More »

Can I forward more than one email at a time on Gmail?

The target email he is talking about is when you forward the same email to multiple people as in typing,, with commas in between to have multiple ... Read More »