Help! i have something comming out of my vigina and its not blood its something solid?

Answer Congratulations, you're having a babby!

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How come i have some purple bruises or something anywhere on me when i never got hit or bumped into something?

If you haven't mentioned this to a Dr, I would suggest you do so. Bruises don't appear for no reason.

You have an omni television and have lost the book for it you accidentally hit something on the remote and now all you have is a blue screen with a padlock in the left hand top corner?

Looking for title of kids video that was about kids stepping into a dream-like land and there was an evil queen and it might have had something to do with eating berries or something that grew on tree?

Garu doesn't talk because he took a vow not to. As far as I'm aware, Pucca doesn't because Garu doesn't. She probably decided to stay that way because she likes him so much.

I have a jailbroken ipod and i have springtomize and i changed something in the settings so i re sprung it and?

I had springtomize 2 and i found it hard too. i would just try starting over?