Can i have someones Minecraft premium account.I won't ban you i swear.?

Answer I'll give you an account i swear.! Try

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What types of things do people usually incoperate in their passawords (I wont hack any of u. I swear lol)?

A lot of people use their birthdate or that of someone close to them. Either that or the name of their pet or a loved one. Sometimes both of these combined. Personally I use an obscure name fro... Read More »

On minecraft login what does user not premium mean?

It means you need to pay to play. It's around $20(US) for an account.You can register here,

How can i get a free premium minecraft account?

It is possible to get it for free by earning points through this site: This site works with a points system where each point is equivalent to $1 USD. It is quite easy to get ... Read More »

I need a minecraft premium account for free?

All these surveys are pointless, they pay the website owner for making people complete them. You are going to have to buy the game, it would be 1271.30 at the current rate.