Can i have some of your dinner I am still hungry what are you eating there?

Answer You are always welcome.You can share my fresh vegetable soup and food.There are many more items for you in my kitchen except non-vegetable items.Fruits in my refrigerator.Dry fruits in my store room.

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You suspect that you are pregnant but you had your periods on 1002 but you feel desymore hungry you have a head ache and there is liquid coming out of your right hand breast what could these mean.?

Answer OK... I have to ask you before I can offer my opinion when did you have your period??? 1002? Is that October the 2nd? and you said you felt more dizzy and hungry correct? I can say this nor... Read More »

Should I eat some of my ice cream now before eating my lasagna dinner?

It is better and nicer to eat after a savoury mealDune

What are you eating right now What did you have for dinner?

Nothing right now but for dinner I had roast sweet potato (my favourite), meatloaf (a new recipe my grandmother found tasted like hamburger helper to me), bread and butter and cabbage. I had a few ... Read More »

Does eating crisps (potato chips) just make you more hungry, rather than satisfy your hunger?

Yes! Oh my gosh! Because you're like... well, i'll only eat a few while watching TV.. and you just keep eating and eating and soon you've eaten like 20. I too gave them up and it really helps a ton!