Can i have sex with something other than a condom?

Answer who the hell can maintain an erection with a Wal-Mart bag on their dick?what do you mean you dont care if you get pregnant? if you dont care, why even bother? if you are prepared to accept the cons... Read More »

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What is something my child can bring for show and tell that has something to do with spring other than flowers?

The best thing for your child would be to let them be the deciding factor for this choice. What do they think of when spring comes? If plants, maybe you would enjoy creating a miniature green ... Read More »

TH(Family)!Have your parents or friends ever called TH something other than their real name?

One of my friends calls them the Hotel boys xDanother one of my friends was trying to name them all off and he got Tom and Bill right but he tried to say Gustav and he said Gizzett (that made me la... Read More »

Why does one eye look bigger than the other, and have more eyelashes than the other?

Its normal, none of your body partys will be exactly the same Like your arms, one might be longer than the other. The same goes for your legs, eyes, nostrils, ears, etc :)

Can you make Skittles Vodka with something other than just plain vodka?

Of course you can use flavored vodka, watermelon, strawberry would all be good choices. Skittles are so sweet and flavorful you don't really taste the vodka anyways