Can i have a milky way bar with braces?

Answer I've got braces. I eat whatever I want. My favorites are sunflower seeds. Just be careful. I haven't had a Milky Way in forever... Pretty sure that's the caramel... Contrary to popular dentist beli... Read More »

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Does your insurance pay for braces if you have a root canal or can you even get braces with a root canal?

Answer Yes, you can get braces if you have a root canal. And I wouldn't think it would make a difference to an insurance company either.Not sure if your question is about costs. Two major procedure... Read More »

What is the milky discharge you have during pregnancy that has a whiteness to it but is very watery and is it normal to have a lot of it?

Answer I have been told that it is natural vaginal secretions that a woman normally has but it is more plentiful during pregnancy because of the excessive blood flow to the uteral and vaginal areas... Read More »

I have difficulties with my braces?

1st time getting braces? Honestly it can hurt a LOT getting braces for the 1st week. After that you get so used to them that you forget you even have them. Just have to live with it for a week as ... Read More »

Can I have a brain MRI with braces?

On One Hand: Braces Are Usually SafeMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests use magnetic fields to create images of internal body structures. Metal jewelry, zippers, eyeglasses and body piercings mu... Read More »