Facts of life tv show who was the woman who took care of the girls on the facts of life?

Answer Edna/Mrs. Garrett. Oodles Answer

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Do homeopaths have a nasty side?

The name of the show is "cure or con." Before the show even airs, homeopaths get busy with the rallying, assuming the program will pick "con." Hmmm, very telling.

Do I have OCD Or just a nasty habit?

"I have this habit that I can't shake..." It is probably nothing more than that, a habit. Everyone has at least one habit that they have been doing as long as they can remember, i.e. bitting finger... Read More »

Do i have an eating problem(no nasty comments please)?

If it is getting to the point where you cant stop making yourself sick then yes you do have a problem, Belemiac.

I Need Help, I Have A Nasty Virus I Can't Get At, What Do I Do?

SpyNoMore,the best anti-spyware software that i have used,it can detect and remove all stealth keylogger on your computer.anymore it can block the websites which have keylogger dangerous,it is also... Read More »