Can i give someone permission to claim my child as a dependent?

Answer You cannot let someone else claim your child as a dependent. If you are able to claim your child as a dependent, but choose not to, someone else can claim the child only if he meets the requirement... Read More »

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Can I claim my child as a dependent?

You can claim your child as a dependent on your federal taxes as long as he meets the Internal Revenue Service requirements for age, support and residency.Age RequirementsYou can claim the child as... Read More »

Can a joint custody parent give the school permission to send and receive email about a child to his girlfriend without the other parents permission?

Answer I would certainly question the violation of privacy rights by any school that used email correspondence. A "girlfriend" who is not the biological parent. Has no legal or ethical right to inf... Read More »

Can You Claim Your Child as a Dependent for Income Tax?

The IRS considers dependents to be qualifying adults or children who receive the majority of their financial support from another party. There are two levels of tests that determine whether you ca... Read More »

How Long Can I Claim My Child as a Dependent?

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