Can i get viruses removed for free not just free scan?

Answer Yes. There's countless free antiviruses out there that will scan and remove malware for you.AVG Free and MalWareBytes would be the top two I recommend.I've heard Microsoft Security Essentials also ... Read More »

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Does anyone know something to take off viruses thats complately free not just the scan?

Where can i download a good antispy for free and not a subscription for just a free scan and have to upgrade t?

If this is a Microsoft OS (XP or W7), I would use the security essential and it's free.

How to Scan My Computer to Remove Adware, Spyware and Trojan Viruses for Free?

Adware, spyware and trojan viruses can spy on your Internet activity, steal your data, make your computer vulnerable to hackers, or wreck your hard drive completely. Adware pops up ads on your scr... Read More »

Whats a good free download to scan viruses and has useable tools to uninstall programs and registry?

What ever you download DONT forget to TEST the installation! This will save you hours of trouble! I have a free guide: