Can i get salmonella from a small cut?

Answer Yes, it is possible to get a blood infection from Salmonella entering that way. If you don't get feverish within a few days, you're clear.Any time the protective barriers of your body are compromi... Read More »

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Do small turtles have more Salmonella than large turtles?

Small turtles do not have more Salmonella than larger turtles. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states turtles with shells less than four inches long were banned for sale because they were sma... Read More »

SCARED. i think i have salmonella. HELP ME PLEASE?

Bro cool off...Jesus is there for u...Dont make ur brain control u...Think positive...its purely ur mind...ur fine...

What is the definition of salmonella?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, salmonella is actually a group of bacteria. Samonella bacteria live in the feces of animals and humans. Humans get salmonella from animal food pro... Read More »

Frogs & Salmonella?

Approximately 90 percent of frogs carry salmonella, a potentially serious disease that affects the intestinal tract. Even frogs that have been purchased from a pet store are at risk of carrying the... Read More »