Can i get pregnant with high estrogen levels?

Answer On One Hand: Benefits of EstrogenEstrogen is a fundamental biological element which makes it necessary for a woman to become pregnant. Estrogen is responsible for regulation of the female menstrual... Read More »

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4 weeks Pregnant your hcg levels are high but no gestational sac nor yolk sac appears in ultrasound?

Not possible, ur not pregnant or u have a missed abortion meaning it died in utaro but hasn't ex spelled yet

How can I increase my estrogen levels naturally?

Yoga might help to balance your endocrine system - I find that it's really good for that...And then, did you know that yams/sweet potatoes have estrogen? Scientists think that's why African tribes ... Read More »

Are high urea nitrogen levels indicative of high ammonia levels?

Disregarding the effects of some diseases or genetic disorders, high urea nitrogen levels may be directly indicative of high ammonia levels. Ammonia is toxic in the body and must be removed through... Read More »

How to Balance Estrogen & Progesteron to Youthful Levels?

As a woman ages, her body's natural production of estrogen and progesterone declines. Lower estrogen levels can lead to hot flashes, night sweats, a decrease in sexual desire, depression, a decline... Read More »