Can i get pregnant off my Pot smoking boyfriends precum?

Answer Don't listen to your dumbass boyfriend. My mother and father both were and still are heavy pot smokers. And there are three of us, two of which were an "oops"Unless he has been to the dr and said t... Read More »

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When guys have precum can girls get pregnant?

Yes.......absolutely. "Precum" can contain sperm. You can even get pregnant from him cumming near your vagina, but not actually inside (sperm swim pretty fast).

What are the chances that a 16 year old girl can get pregnant by precum?

Although rare, any female who is fertile may be able to get pregnant from precum. Occasionally that precum can carry the male's semen in it. Make sure to use protection!

How do i tell my boyfriends parents I'm pregnant?

I don't see why he can't tell his parents he's going to be a dad. That would make make more sense since he's the one making them grandparents. The 2 of you should do this and if you are very young,... Read More »

You are 17 and your boyfriends 21 you are pregnant can you get in trouble?

You won't, but your boyfriend can be charged with statutory rape.