Can i get pregnant at any time during the month?

Answer Females are only fertile for a few days per month, whereas males are fertile 100 percent of the time. Determining when that fertile period is and how it affects your chances of pregnancy is essenti... Read More »

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Can pregnant women travel during the eighth month of pregnancy?

Pregnant women can and do travel up to the moment of birth.

What if the baby's heart beat is seen during the 3rd month and stopped during the 4th month?

Answer Unfortunatly that would mean that the baby has died.~pawsalmighty

Is there a safe area during the month that you can not get pregnant before or after having a period?

If you havent seen the usual white raw egg mucous during ovulation this month does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer Not necesarilly. It could just mean you haven't ovulated yet or that you don't have discharge this month. Wait unti you are late for your period and take a home test.