Can i get pregnant after 10 months of no period?

Answer Not getting a period for 10 months, basically means you are not ovulating (releasing an egg, ready to fertilise) You could just start producing again randomly, but if you are wanting to get pregnan... Read More »

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Can you get pregnant after not having a period for 9 months?

Your eggs may still be dropping even if you have not had a period. Therefore it's still possible that you could get pregnant. There is also a possiblity of eptopic pregnancy, (caused by semen findi... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if you had your period the month after you had safe sex but you haven't had it for 2 months since?

Answer If it was safe sex and you did have your period afterward, then your 2 month break between periods is probably a fluke. It happens for various reasons; stress, chance in diet or exercise, or... Read More »

Period every 2 months and you are just wondering if it is possible for you to tell that you were pregnant before the next period comes?

Answer go to the doctors and have a blood test and you find out

Is it possible to be pregnant for four months and think you are not pregnant because you have your period?

%REPLIES% Answer It is very, very rare to have your period when you are pregnant. If you think you have been pregnant for four months, but have been having your period, you need to see a doctor an... Read More »