Can i get my printer to print just black and white?

Answer When you click print, you will get a popup. Click Options or properties and Set colour to black and white. Sorry I cant add more as I have different Printer

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How does an inkjet printer print grey color Is must be black and white right But how is white produced?

Printers use red, Yellow and blue Or more common is Magenta(red), Cyan(blue), and Yellow. When you mix the three inks together you get Black.Some printers use a larger separate black ink cartridge.... Read More »

Printer will ONLY print on black and white?

Usually it happens when you remove colored cartridge. Try to remove and reinstall both cartridges again and then check.

Can i get black & white print in color printer?

Of course. Color printers have black and white ink too. That's how you get greys. That's like asking if you can only print out something Orange in a color printer. Sure you can. =)Control + P ... Read More »

Is it possible for a printer to print white on black paper?

I'm not sure if that's possible but you can give it a try lol Try changing the font color to white and put in black paper to print it and see the out come lol I hope you get positive results. =)