Can i get insurance for my Windows Operating system,?

Answer Get your installation exactly the way you want it. Then use CloneZilla to clone it. If anything bad happens, just restore the cloned image.

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How do I go about changing my windows XP operating system to Windows Vista Im upgrading my whole system.?

Hi,don't do it stick to XP Pro with SP2 it's still the best OS.

How to Upgrade an Operating System From Windows 2000 to Windows XP?

Upgrading from Windows 2000 to Windows XP is a big jump in the world of operating systems. Many features were added in XP that were unavailable in 2000. Windows 2000 can only be upgraded to the Pr... Read More »

Is Windows XP Pro a 64-bit operating system?

Windows XP Professional comes in both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. Most computers pre-bundled with Windows XP Professional have the 32-bit version installed. Windows XP Professional 64-bit is lar... Read More »

Q-Which operating system is better windows XP or 7 ?

Windows Se7en is amazing. Every feature is very convenient, and user friendly. Se7en's got the simplicity of XP but the technological advances of modern computer science.