Can i get free Model paper of irda exam?

Answer No

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What is the business model behind of Google/Yahoo when they are providing GBs of add-free free mail space .?

In business terms it is what is referred to as a "lost Leader". It is something you give away to increase traffic to your site with the expectation that while the people are there they will go to o... Read More »

Where can I get a free eye exam?

You can try a local optometry college or a university medical center. They usually have a program for people who cannot pay.

Past exam paper with answers of revenue talati in gujarat?

Yes, past exam paper with answer of revenue talati in gujarati.

How do you get copy of my irda license on line?

Ok here is the answer.First scan your IRDA license and save the copy in your desktop.After that, upload the same to any free blogsite provided by Google or Wordpress.Save it.Now go and have look at... Read More »