Can I download flash player on my 2 gen iPod touch?

Answer No, you cannot download Flash Player for your 2nd Generation iPod Touch. There isn't an update that accomadates the flash player in its software. You just have to deal with not having the Adobe F... Read More »

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How to get the adobe flash player for iPod touch4g?

Apple mobile devices don't support the Adobe Flash Player at this time. However, mid-September (12th or 21st), Apple is releasing new mobile devices and rolling out software (iOS 6). The new device... Read More »

Is it possible to get flash player in iPod touch by jailbreaking?

Flash support is a function of the Browser.If the ipod's browser does not support flash, there is nothing you can do.

How to install Flash Player 11 Flash Builder detects 10.?

You can use a flash uninstall tool first [see link below] but this may not be necessary. It could be the flash is being used for another browser. Usually you can have more than one version of flash... Read More »

Is Flash Player the same as Media Player?

Flash Player and Windows Media Player (WMP) are not the same thing, according to Adobe and Microsoft. Adobe designed Flash to deliver content embedded in Web pages. WMP is a standalone media player... Read More »