Can i get charged by verizon if i don't open a text message?

Answer Yes, you can still be charged for text messages whether you open them or not. The best thing to do to prevent this is to contact Verizon Wireless online or by phone, at (800) 922-0204, and have tex... Read More »

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Do you still get charged if you don't open a text message?

The official word is:Verizon Wireless: Users are charged for each text message they receive regardless of whether or not they open the message. It is possible to block all incoming text messages, b... Read More »

If I forward a text message to my email account, will I get charged?

Yes, off course you will be charged unless you have free texts. ;-)

How Do I Get Text Message Records From Verizon?

Log into your Verizon Wireless phone account online to get your text message records. You must have authorization, including the password, to look at the records. Click on "Bill Details," and then ... Read More »

How to Text Message From a Computer to a Verizon Cell?

Go to the free text messaging website Type the recipient's phone number, including the area code, in section one and then select Verizon from the "Choose Provider" drop-down menu. (C... Read More »