Can i get cash back on a trade in?

Answer On One Hand: You May Have Equity in Your VehicleEven if you owe money on your vehicle, it may still have equity. Market conditions do have an effect on equity, but so does the original purchase arr... Read More »

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How do you cash in a traditional IRA with E-trade?

An individual retirement account is an investment account designed to be used after you have retired from your full-time employment. Cashing in an IRA can be done at any point, but the tax benefits... Read More »

How to Trade Gold Coins for Cash?

Precious metals, gold in particular, have been a safe investment for thousands of years. Gold is widely recognized as the world standard in currency, and can be a hedge against inflation. If you ne... Read More »

Do i get any cash back if i refinance my car?

On One Hand: It's Theoretically PossibleIf you owe less than your car is worth, minus any loan fees attached to the refinancing, and you borrow against the whole value of your car, any excess will ... Read More »

What is cash back?

There are several different types of credit accounts out there. People are choosing to get credit cards and other financial help that will offer the person cash back. These types of accounts allow ... Read More »