Can i get broadband without a bt line?

Answer In the United Kingdom, you need a BT or phone line to use DSL broadband Internet. Without a BT line, broadband Internet may still be available from either your cable provider or a wireless mobile b... Read More »

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Is it possible to get broadband without a telephone line?

Quite a few answers above but I found them quite confusing so I thought I would join the thread! I went through similar thought process having moved house a month ago and here's a summary.You do ne... Read More »

Bt phone line broadband?

Yes, but even if you have say Sky and virgin they need the line so you will still need it connected.Look at this though there are ways of getting it without using a landline. Read More »

Do you need a phone line to get broadband?

You can now get fast broadband on mobile networks, i suggest pay as you go service on t-mobile or 3 at £15 per month is pretty good value and best of all no contracts.In fact when my mums orange b... Read More »

Do i need a telephone line to get broadband?

Some of these answers crack me up LOLYou do NOT need a "telephone line" to have broadband. You can have DSL broadband without having use of a "telephone" line it's called a DATA LINE. Where you can... Read More »