Can i get a word document back?

Answer If you have the auto save feature turned on. You can close out of Microsoft Word and then re-open it. Anything that you were working on that was interrupted in the middle of the document (due to er... Read More »

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How to Convert a PDF Document Back to a Word Document With Free Downloads?

Converting a PDF Document to a Word document is easily accomplished using free online utilities such as PDFtoWord, PDFonline and FreePDFconvert. Each of these websites allows you to convert a PDF d... Read More »

How to Get Back a Word Document Which Was Not Saved?

It may be possible to recover a Microsoft Word document that you did not physically save to a disk or folder on your computer. Be aware, however, that Microsoft constantly upgrades both its Windows... Read More »

How do I Toggle From UserForm Back to a Document in Word?

When using information contained with a Microsoft Word document as data for your Excel UserForm, it can be tedious to keep changing from the UserForm to the Word Document. This is especially true i... Read More »

Is there any way to get a document back when Word closed without saving?

Microsoft Word has an auto-recovery function that automatically saves files on a regular basis in case of an unplanned disruption. As long as you have this feature enabled, you can still recover yo... Read More »