Can i get a tablet from islamabad pakistan ?

Answer Try here, it should ship worldwide:…If you want a tablet later, you can check among newer tablets and see if there're some better ones. I include a bestsel... Read More »

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Why it has been removed from that jay sean's parents were from jehlum pakistan?

Often such statements are removed because they are one or more of the following:a) Not referenced to any reliable sources to back it up, and/or contradicted by other referencesb) Irrelevant to the ... Read More »

Can you adopt a baby from Pakistan?

Yes, you can adopt from Pakistan but at least one of the parents has to be of Pakistani origin. You can find detailed information on the process in the FAQ file on the Pakistan Adoption board. The ... Read More »

How you can buy apple iPhone 4 from US in Pakistan?

How to Make a Kite Like Those from India or Pakistan?

Kite flying is a popular hobby in India and Pakistan. Peak season for flying kites in India and Pakistan is during "Basant", a festival signifying the start of the spring season. There are hundred... Read More »