Can i get a perm if my hair is really short?

Answer On One Hand: Difficulty LevelIt is very difficult to perm really short hair. The hair must be long enough to wrap around the perm rods and remain around the perm rods until the entire process compl... Read More »

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How to Perm Short Hair?

Perming short hair can be a disaster for some and a miracle for others. Depending on your hair genetics you can have a great curly perm, even if your hair is short. Good perm methods for short hair... Read More »

How to Roll Short Hair for a Perm?

Rolling short hair for a perm is similar to rolling long hair, except you must adjust the size of the roller. Smaller rollers will help you achieve a curl pattern that is ideal for shorter hair. Me... Read More »

Getting my hair cut short what are some really nice short hairstyles?

LOVE a short bob. Looks so good with any outfit/look.

How to Straighten Really Short Hair?

There aren't many options when it comes to styling really short hair, so learning how to properly straighten it is important because it provides you with a few different look possibilities. There a... Read More »