Can i get a headache for not eatng 15 hours ago?

Answer Yes. I get them all the time. These are some solutions that I have discovered and I do experiment these: Eat a variety sized meal: one that contains vitamins A, D, C, calcium, potassium, fiber, iro... Read More »

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What does it mean if a headache lasts for more than 10 hours?

That happend to me Not enough sleep and need more water in your system.

Massive headache, from 5 hours straight?

I'm having the same problem :( Since Saturday, I'm having this huge headache. The tablets don't work :( Just try to rest enough, drink tea/chicken soup.. and don't stress about too many things.. ma... Read More »

Headache and fever after not sleeping for 26 hours?

truckers are required to take rests on long hauls. They say after 18 hours of no sleep you're body acts as though it's drunk. Getting over any drunk would give you a headache. But also your visi... Read More »

Got a bad headache because of the computer but need to stay on it for work for a few more hours... help?

You could alter the brightness of the screen *control panel* , that should help you for a little while, but will start to strain your eyes which makes headaches/migraines worse. Take a painkiller, ... Read More »