Can i get a deduction for donating a car?

Answer According to the IRS, you can get a tax deduction for donating a car, which is based on the full fair market value of the car at the time you make your donation. Make sure the charity is certified ... Read More »

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How to Estimate the Tax Deduction for Donating Kitchen Cabinets?

If you are making a donation to charity, the Internal Revenue Service allows you to claim that donation on your taxes as long as the charity has tax-exempt status. The IRS only allows the fair mark... Read More »

Donating an organ............?

I know there are a lot of requirements. You can't just hand your kidney off to somebody you think should deserve it. People have to have the exact blood type, and a lot of other things in order to ... Read More »

Donating blood at 15?

You have to be 16 w/ a parental permission form. So yeah.. They probably won't let you. Just wait till your birthday and donate blood :)Good Luck and It's a generous thing to donate blood, so good ... Read More »

Donating plasma..brusing?

No, not likely you will be able to donate with bruising. They want clean skin. Clean skin means less risk for pure blood. It's ok. The bruises will heal soon enough.