Can i freeze cut up melon?

Answer Yes, of course you *can* freeze melon chunks, just bear in mind that when defrosted they will have quite a different texture.Better to freeze than to throw away and wasteThe frozen chunks can be us... Read More »

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Can a diabetic take water melon fruits in abundant quantities Doeswater melon juice increase sugar levels/?

No, not in large quantities, but just moderately. Large quantities would raise the blood sugar levels. The advantage of watermelon is that it does not contain as much sugar as, grapes for example a... Read More »

How to Use a Melon Baller?

Melon ballers are awesome. It is quite easy to create melon balls using a melon baller, which can be purchased from kitchen accessory stores.

What is bitter melon?

Bitter melon is the long, warty-looking fruit of the tropical and subtropical Momordica charantia plant. It gets its name from being thought to be the most bitter edible vegetable. Bitter melon is ... Read More »

What happens if you eat a melon seed?