Can i fill my hot tub with soft water?

Answer It is not advised to put soft water into a hot tub. Soft water contains small amounts of calcium. Having too little calcium in the water can cause corrosion, especially in heaters and other metal c... Read More »

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If you add softened water to a swimming pool with hard water rather than draining and refilling how could the addition of soft water be corrosive?

The corrosive properties of water are not affected by its hardness. This is a common misconception that can be explained by the types of source water that yield naturally soft or naturally hard wat... Read More »

How do you fix an older Kitchen Aid washing machine that only spins and won't start or fill with water in any other cycle. It stopped running when it was full of water and ready to spin?

Answer There are a few possible reasons this would occur:- The lid switch is not working properly.- A faulty solenoid relay is not shifting the transmission into the spin cycle.- The timer which co... Read More »

How to Fill a Bucket With Water?

So, you have a bucket, and it is empty. There is nothing more grotesque than an empty bucket. We must fill it. The liquid of choice here would be water, but you can substitute it with any other liq... Read More »

Is soft water bad to cook with?

Researchers are conflicted regarding the consumption of soft water. The potential risk is to the cardiovascular system because salt is used to soften water. People who are on low sodium diets may n... Read More »