Can i exercise when having sciatica pain?

Answer On One Hand: Exercise Can Help Relieve Sciatic PainExercise can help relieve sciatic pain and prevent future flareups, whereas disuse can actually aggravate the condition. Low-impact exercises are ... Read More »

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Should i exercise(treadmill) with sciatica injury?

This is something that needs to heal....I'm not sure that getting on the tread mill is a good idea or a bad idea...I didn't have a treadmill so I had to walk around. My injury to my sciatica was f... Read More »

I have groin pain, could this be sciatica or hip trouble?

When there is cracking it's a sign of tight muscles in the area for they are binding joints up so the bones can't rotate properly to turn, they are actually rolling a bit out of the joint and pop... Read More »

Is it best to use heat or cold when sciatica pain is in your leg when lying down?

On One Hand: Cold If Sciatica Is AcuteUsually, lying down helps to relieve sciatica pain according to, but if the sciatica is acute (a new condition) then it may take a few days of ... Read More »

I have had a bulging disk in my lower back for over 2 years now and it causes sciatica never pain.?