Can i efile 2007 taxes late?

Answer On One Hand: You Must Use MailYou may efile an extension by April 15 of the year your taxes are due. This gives you until Oct. 15 to efile your tax return. However, if you are later than that to ef... Read More »

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Can you efile taxes in virginia?

For 10 years, taxpayers have been able to e-file their Virginia taxes via the Department of Taxation website. The process, called iFile, allows individuals to file and pay Virginia resident income ... Read More »

How long does it take to efile taxes?

The process of e-filing your taxes takes a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how complex your tax return is. Filing your taxes online allows you to receive your tax refund within one to two ... Read More »

Your last period was on jan4 2007 it lasted 4 days 28-30cycle n you had sex on the 15th of Jan n had egg white mucus did you ovulate early n is your period late if so how late?

Answer Jan 4 would be Day 1.Jan 15 would be Day 12, and if this was the first day of "egg white", then your ovulation should've occurred approximately three days later on Jan 18.Your period should... Read More »

Can I do my taxes late?

Yes, anyone can file her taxes late. However, the Internal Revenue Service prefers people to file and pay their taxes on time. With taxes not filed and paid on time, a late filing penalty will appl... Read More »