Can i eat dog or is that illegal?

Answer How did he die? You know diseases can be spread by eating infected flesh. That's how AIDS was spread to humans from monkeys

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Is there a safe alternative to limewire that isnt illegal and that is free?

it does'nt don't worry but there is a siteu can (download utorrent for it to work it is always virus free and reliable)

Can I eat my iPod Is that illegal?

The Apple iPolice will actually come after you if you do this. Biting down on an iPod with the intent of ingesting it triggers an alarm in the Apple iPolice headquarters with your exact location. T... Read More »

Can you marry a illegal immigrant that is in the us illegally?

Yes, but ability to marry has nothing to do with immigration status.

Is it illegal to sell gas stove that is not UL listed?

It is not illegal to sell a gas stove that is not UL listed. The Underwriters Laboratory, which owns the UL mark, is one of many independent nationally recognized testing laboratories (NRTL) that p... Read More »