Can i drive if i have bad peripheral vision?

Answer On One Hand: Peripheral Vision is ImportantMuch of driving relies on strong peripheral vision. In fact, most things you need to respond to while driving are picked up first by your peripheral visio... Read More »

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How to Expand the Peripheral Vision of Your Imagination?

Strictly speaking, there are no boundaries to imagination, only a limit to the amount of experiences which feed it.So, to expand the peripheral vision of imagination requires a broadening of experi... Read More »

How to Do a Science Project on How Eye Color Affects Peripheral Vision?

Science projects are an objective way of teaching the scientific method through experimentation, but they can quickly become expensive if you choose the wrong project. One affordable science projec... Read More »

Are Asians bad drivers due to bad peripheral vision/coordination, is it cultural, or are they inexperienced?

You try driving in Asia sometime and see if they don't look at you the same way.

Retinal detachment, peripheral was cloudy in bottom left peripheral of my left eye, but not anymore?

No, I doubt it's retinal detachment. The initial (and most common, I believe) symptoms of retinal detachment are typically a sudden onset of floaters like dots, streaks or lines that float across y... Read More »