Can i drink and take amitriptline?

Answer No you should never mix with alcohol, if you can't go somewhere without drinking alcohol then you have a drinking problem.

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What can I take or drink for a.d.d ?

id think you would have to start with excluding any sugary drinks and avoid caffeine as these are bound to make your add worse.I know that organic lemon oil when diffused can help focus a person. ... Read More »

Can i take the leaves from a Tea bag and drink?

You can do that by all won't make any difference to the taste or the efficacy of the brew, it just means you'll be spitting out tea leaves for the rest of the day.

Is it bad to smoke, to drink, to take drugs y is it so?

i think its but u have the choice but i have 2 till u it dameged ur helth and ur monyyyyy

Can I drink alcohol and take Levaquin?

On One Hand: Nothing Specifically Prohibits ItThere is nothing in Levaquin's prescribing information which prohibits drinking alcohol while taking the antibiotic. The prescribing information indica... Read More »