Can i drink 2 protein shakes a day if?

Answer Of course it would be ok. But I guess it depends on what your goal is.If you are trying to gain weight (muscle) than yes it would be OK to drink 2 protein shakes (one before the workout & one after... Read More »

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Im 14, should i drink protein shakes?

My cousin is 10, an he uses them. They are actually healthy for anybody. But use it for the right reasons, and don't completely replace it with your water.

Why should I drink protein shakes?

Experts suggest one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day. Drinking protein shakes is one way to achieve this. There are many possible health benefits to protein shakes.Weight LossCon... Read More »

What do protein shakes do?

Are protein shakes good?

Hi Christina,You can't go wrong with Chocolate, for any brand you choose. Calcium is a good mineral to use for your bones but I wouldn't worry about that if anything you could take glucosamine for ... Read More »