Can i drink 1L of alpro soya milk daily (Original)?

Answer One thing both men and women should know about soy milk and other soy products is that soy promotes estrogen production. Whether male or female, you should only drink or eat soy products in moderat... Read More »

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What is missing from soya milk to make less white than pasteurised cows milk?

Could it be the sugar content of milk. Seeing as cows eat grass, it contains a sugar called Lactose. Lactose is not present in soy milk.Edit: However it would seem that Casein which is rich in c... Read More »

I wanna know how much soya chunk one should eat daily, as i am a vegetarian and need it for vit b12?

You don't need soya.Here's what you need to eat. Please make a note of the pulses and vegetables which I've mentioned.You need to make sure you eat pulses at least three times a week and fruits an... Read More »

How Soya bean Milk prepared?

The Following step do to make soya milk1. Ingredients2. Soaking and dehulling the soya beans3. Heating the soya beans (optional)4. Grinding the soya beans5. Boiling the soy milk6. Flavouring the s... Read More »

If i switch to soya milk how would i get my calcium?

Most soy milks are fortified with calcium, and have as much calcium as cow's milk. The soy milk I drink has 33% more calcium than cow's milk. Fortified orange juice is also a great source of calc... Read More »