Can i download vcr tapes to a computer What will i need to do it?

Answer Alright all these people here didn't really give you the right answer, but here it is:Basically all u need is something like this.…If you want a better one... Read More »

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What do you need to transfer VHS tapes to your computer?

You would need a video capture card that has the correct inputs to connect to your vcr or vcr camera, so you could record them from the tape to the computer (something like this http://www.newegg.... Read More »

I have a scanner and i need to save the picture on my computer but when i try says i need to download sotfware?

Did you install the software and driver for your scanner? If you dont have the driver, you can download it from the scanner mfg website.

What driver do I need to download if my computer won't find wireless connections?

justin there are a lot of things that can cause a wireless connection list not to show. It's not always the driver but you can check if it's there. You can check your drivers on Windows computers... Read More »

What do I need to copy VCR tapes to DVD?

Using a DVD recorder/VCR is the simplest way of copying a VHS (VCR tape) onto a blank DVD. Simply place a blank DVD in the tray and press record as the VHS tape is playing.