Can i download rosetta stone for free?

Answer I would first try finding a torrent of the application. Try searching for it on google or yahoo. Some great torrent sites are:www.isohunt.comwww.mininoba.orgTry finding it on that website. Torre... Read More »

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How to Get Rosetta Stone for Free?

Rosetta Stone is a language software designed to help promote learning through images, audio and your own dialog. Typically one segment of the program costs a few hundred dollars, which is rather p... Read More »

Who is the TV spokeswoman for Rosetta Stone?

The television spokeswoman for the Rosetta Stone language-learning software is Lesley Ann Machado. Lesley was born on March 4, 1974 in New York but was raised in New Jersey. Besides being a spokesw... Read More »

Who decoded the rosetta stone?

English polymath Thomas Young started working on decoding the Rosetta Stone but gave up after only decoding "Ptolemaios." Jean-François Champollion is credited with discovering the code was a phon... Read More »

Where is the Rosetta Stone?

The Rosetta Stone is housed in the British Museum in London, where it has been since 1802. In 1917 it was briefly moved due to concerns about bombing during the First World War, but it was return... Read More »