Can i donate a kidney if my hepatitis c is cured?

Answer On One Hand: No Complete CureThere are treatments that can reduce the presence of Hepatitis C (HCV) in the body, but the virus has a high rate of recurrence. Some people infected with HCV are able ... Read More »

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Can i donate a kidney at 15?

Yes and no. No you can't donate a organ if you are under the age of legal consent which is 18. The only way you can is if you go to court and get emancipated. Your parents aren't allowed to donate ... Read More »

I really want to donate a kidney ...?

You are extremely kind in wanting to donate. You are too young but I know I appreciate your sweet thoughts. I just wanted to also let you know the 2 other posters are wrong (in case when you are ol... Read More »

Can you donate a kidney if you have hypertension?

On One Hand: Hypertension Can Affect Kidney HealthHypertension, also known as high blood pressure, causes the heart to work harder to transport blood through the body. Long-term hypertension causes... Read More »

Donate kidney with blood presser?

Hypertension can contribute to kidney disease, however certain individuals over 50 years of age can safely donate a kidney with hypertension, as long as their hypertension is well controlled and th... Read More »