Can i deposit american express gift cheques into a checking account?

Answer It depends on the bank's checking account policies, but it is possible to deposit American Express Gift Checks into a bank savings account. AMEX Gift Cheques may be purchased at participating banks... Read More »

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Can i deposit american express gift checks into a checking account?

Most banks will accept American Express Gift Checks for deposit into a checking account, provided that the check is made out to a person named on the account and that the signature on both lines of... Read More »

Does target accept american express gift cheques?

Not only does Target accept American Express Gift Cards, which is what gift cheques have become, but the retailer also issues them. A cashier must activate the card at the time of purchase or it h... Read More »

How to Cash in American Express Travellers Cheques?

Travel can be an adventure, especially if you're going to a country with a different system of currency. While you can convert your money into the home country's currency, many travelers like to pu... Read More »

The Advantages of American Express Travellers Cheques?

You plan to take a trip, but do not want to carry cash, checks or your credit cards while you travel. Another option is to purchase American Express Travelers Cheques. These Travelers Cheques are a... Read More »