Can i deposit american express gift checks into a checking account?

Answer Most banks will accept American Express Gift Checks for deposit into a checking account, provided that the check is made out to a person named on the account and that the signature on both lines of... Read More »

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Can i deposit american express gift cheques into a checking account?

It depends on the bank's checking account policies, but it is possible to deposit American Express Gift Checks into a bank savings account. AMEX Gift Cheques may be purchased at participating banks... Read More »

How long are American Express travelers checks good for?

According to American Express, American Express Travelers Cheques never expire. Carrying Travelers Cheques helps protect your travel money against identity theft. If lost or stolen, Travelers Chequ... Read More »

Does the country of Latvia accept American Express traveler's checks?

Although there is not an American Express office in Latvia, travelers cheques can be cashed at any major bank in the country. The official representative of American Express in Latvia is Latvia Tou... Read More »

How to Use an American Express Gift Cheque?

American Express is a large lending institution in the U.S. that provides mostly credit cards to consumers. There are an inordinate number of programs offered by American Express, including charge ... Read More »