Can i delete my google browsing history?

Answer click on tools :::::: in your top headingsclick on internet options::::click on delete:::::now you can choose which to get rid of :::::history, cookies,etc

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How do I delete the browsing history for GOOGLE?

Go to preferences (its next to the search box) then scroll down till u see Query Suggestions

How to Delete Google Browsing History?

Google logoDon't let someone else track your history. This article explains how to delete your Google browsing history.

How to Delete Your Browsing History in Google Chrome?

If you do not want someone to know what you have been up to, then deleting your browser history is a must. These steps will help you do it in Google Chrome.

How do I delete browsing history in IE 7?

Access Internet OptionsGo to the Start menu. Go to "Control Panel". Select "Network and Internet" and click "Internet Options". A new dialog window will appear.Navigate to History PropertiesClick t... Read More »