Can i delete direct3d and opengl?

Answer Both Direct3D and OpenGL are plug-ins used for graphics acceleration. Both Direct3D and OpenGL are not necessary to run on a personal computer and can be removed, deleted or uninstalled. Removal o... Read More »

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What is Direct3D?

Direct3D is a graphic renderer for Windows and the Xbox game console. It is a part of DirectX, which is an application programming interface, or API, for graphics programs and games. The most recen... Read More »

Direct3D problems, need help?

What you need to do is install Direct-X verson 9.0C which is the best all around version for audio/video.

What is a Direct3D device?

A Direct3D device is a component of the Direct3D graphics rendering technology, which is developed by Microsoft. A Direct3D device consists of three modules, one each for transformation, lighting a... Read More »

How do i download direct3d?

Download DirectXLog on to Click “Downloads and Trials” > “Download Center.” Type “DirectX” into the search bar at the top of the Download Center page. DirectX is a packag... Read More »