Can i copy stuff from wikipedia and put it in my web site?

Answer For the record: with a couple notable exceptions, Wikipedia content *is* copyrighted. It's just released under a much less restrictive license than most copyrighted stuff. (The exceptions are quo... Read More »

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Can I put stuff from wikipedia on my site including images?

You can but you have to credit wikipedia for using thier image or contents.

How do I copy a WMV file from a site?

Copying WMV Files DirectlyHover your mouse over the link pointing to the WMV file you wish to copy. Instead of left-clicking the link, which would immediately open the file for viewing in your inte... Read More »

Is it ok to copy content from wikipedia?

no I am a member **** off! I don't want some guy I've never met copying text they didn't write!!! >:(

Why is it considered plagiarism to copy from WikiPedia?

I think you're confusing plagiarism and copyright infringement. Plagiarists attempt to claim credit for someone else's work and boost their own reputations. This can happen whether or not the ori... Read More »