Can i copy dvd without any dvd writer?

Answer yes you you can copy dvd by using convert dvd into divx and the quality is same and the size is small you can create backup of any dvd by using divx

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If I copy an original DVD movie on my DVD writer, will everything be copied including Dolby Digital Sounds?

You don't need dual layer. Dual layer is better because you won't have to use compression. I'd point you to a few websites with dvd decryption and copying software, but you could have just done ... Read More »

Your Open QuestionShow me another » Can a magnetic card reader/writer read a Card and then copy it on a blank?

If it is connected to a computer and you have the right software, yes...

How to convert ordinary CD to rewritable CD Please guide me. I have cdrom, cd writer, dvd writer with me.?

learn some black magic an d then teach me

Do the copy machines in stores (like Wal-Mart or Walgreens) store all of your photos that you copy?

The kiosks save photo orders for 48hrs and then they're deleted. The printing machine deletes them after 48hrs as well. They do this just in case there's an issue and they need to resend or reprint... Read More »