Can i convert a serial port to a usb port?

Answer Buy an AdapterGo to your favorite computer store and ask for a USB to serial or serial to USB adapter.Plug It InInsert the serial plug of the adapter into the serial port on your computer. Plug you... Read More »

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What is a PCI serial port?

PCI is a computer component standard that was common in personal computers, but is waning in popularity in 2010. A PCI serial port is an adapter card with a serial port fitted to the back; it fits ... Read More »

What is a usb serial port?

Setting up older computers or adding external devices to them was usually a difficult task. You might have the wrong cable or maybe no available ports, forcing you to use an adapter. However, USB p... Read More »

What is a PCI serial port driver?

A PCI serial port driver is software used to facilitate communication between the user's operating system and the PCI serial port card. This allows the user to use the serial port card.

What is a serial port adapter?

A serial port is a type of plug on a computer used to transmit data from one device to another. A serial port adapter is a conversion tool that allows a user to use a different type of plug--such a... Read More »