Can i continue to drive with my battery warning light on?

Answer On One Hand: You've Lost ElectricityWhen you turn the key in the ignition of your car, the battery light should light up for a moment and then go off when the engine starts. If the battery light st... Read More »

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Trouble With the ABS Brake Warning Light?

Anti-lock brake systems are standard in most modern vehicles. They allow a tire to continue to turn a bit to prevent skidding if you hit the brakes and the vehicle does not stop immediately. There ... Read More »

Warning Signs of a Car Battery Dying?

A battery is necessary for starting up a car. The battery is charged by the alternator while the car is running, storing up the electrical charge necessary to start up the car hours or even days af... Read More »

How to Make a Magnet With a Battery, Bolt & a Light Switch?

Electromagnetism includes x-rays, all forms of light, radio waves, magnets and magnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction takes place when an electrical current or magnetic force in one electric... Read More »

How to Reset an Air Bag Warning Light?

The airbag warning light illuminates in your vehicle when the supplemental restraint system, or SRS, malfunctions. When the light turns on, you need to immediately have the vehicle examined and rep... Read More »