Can i consolidate my credit card debt&auto loan into my mortgage?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Be DoneWith a cash-out refinance mortgage, you can consolidate other debts, such as credit card and auto debt, into a long-term mortgage to reduce the overall interest rate paid... Read More »

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Who offers an unsecured loan to consolidate credit cards?

CitiFinancial, Beneficial and American General Finance offer unsecured debt consolidation loans. If you qualify for such a loan, make sure your payments are low enough so you get relief.Source:Deb... Read More »

Is it Wise to Consolidate Credit-Card Debt Into a Home-Equity Line of Credit?

An acquisitions specialist buys products and services for her company, often for resale. Acquisitions specialists are often referred to as buyers or purchasing agents. They often determine which ty... Read More »

How do I consolidate a credit card balance?

Balance TransferConsolidate credit card balances by utilizing credit card balance transfer options. Simply put, the borrower uses the open credit card balance on one card to pay off another card. T... Read More »

How to Consolidate Credit Card Balances?

Consolidating your credit card debt is a wise move. Having the debt all in one place makes it much easier to monitor, and it cuts down on the number of payments you have to make to lenders each mon... Read More »