Can i connect my pc to a secondary monitor (hdtv) via a hdmi to dvi cable?

Answer yeps it will work, i have done the same..brought the cable from ebay. you will also need to go into properties on windows and change the config settings for the monoitors.

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PC dual screen; HDMI HDTV with secondary vga monitor why does the monitor look better than the hdtv?

Tv's usally only support HD formats natively. 1600x1080 is not a native HD format as far as I know, so it is probably scaling to fit which usually looks very bad. Set the HDTV to either 1920x1080p ... Read More »

How to Connect HDTV to a Cable Box Without a HDMI Cable?

An HDTV can be connected to a cable box using an HDMI cable or component cables. An HDMI cable combines audio and video in a single cable, while component cables are constructed of three video cabl... Read More »

Could i connect my monitor to my pc with a hdmi cable?

I don't quite understand your question - you say you don't see an HDMI on the back of your monitor, but you DO see an HDMI on the back of your monitor....Nonetheless, you can NOT go from the VGA po... Read More »

Can i use a HDMI cable to directly connect from my video card to my monitor?

Yes. It probably says that because it is from a time when few monitors had HDMI, only DVI, inputs.