Can i connect my iPod shuffle to a Bose docking station?

Answer You cannot dock an iPod Shuffle on a Bose docking system. The Bose docking station should come with several adapters to fit different iPod models, however, the Bose docking station is not approved ... Read More »

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How Do I Attach My iPod Shuffle to a Docking Station?

The second-generation iPod shuffle is the only shuffle model able to be attached to a docking station, which can then be connected to a computer via USB cable. The 2G iPod shuffle's docking station... Read More »

Can you plug an iPod shuffle into a docking station?

no, it doesn't have the 'signature' apple plug thingy in the bottom

How to Connect an Apple iPod Shuffle to the Bose SoundDock?

While it shares similarities to other types of iPods, the iPod shuffle does have a few differences, including the lack of a display screen, smaller storage capacity and smaller size. Because the iP... Read More »

What iPod docking clocks work with the iPod Shuffle?

The Sony iPod Compatible Clock Radio is compatible with several types of iPods, including the Shuffle, Touch, Mini, Nano and Classic. The Jensen JIMS-195 Digital Music System can similarly handle s... Read More »