Can i connect a pc to the monitor of my iMac?

Answer Look behind your I mac I am not sure which model of IMAC you have is it G3,G4,G5,...You are looking for a connector with 15 pins on it if you do not have it there is special pice of connector it i... Read More »

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How to Use a TV As a Monitor for an iMac?

For heavy computer users, two screens are often better than one. The iMac includes a Mini DisplayPort to connect external video displays to the computer's hardware. You can use the PC port on the r... Read More »

Can i use my old imac as a pc monitor?

Sure. Just take the iMac apart, disconnect all the wires for the display, buy a DVI connector, buy a schematic for the iMac, and solder the wires to the DVI connector.

Third monitor on an iMac ?

I looked into this a while ago, and the only way to get a third monitor is to use one of the USB adaptors. Remember with the USB adaptors there is a lot of lag, it's not like connecting another mo... Read More »

How do i add an extra monitor to an imac?

Physically connect your new monitor to your iMac, which should automatically detect the monitor. Click the "Apple" menu, then click "Preferences." In the "System Preferences" menu, click "Displays.... Read More »